There was a time when an automobile just got us from point A to point B. That is still the case, but people are now demanding to be entertained while getting there. A car is an extension of one’s life, and many new car buyers are looking for a fully integrated car entertainment system so they can do all the things on the go that they can do at home. Fiat Chrysler’s new UConnect is just one of the cool advances hitting the car dealership floors this year. Claimed to be one of the most intuitive automobile infotainment systems in the industry, there seemingly isn’t a thing it can’t do.

The coolest part about the UConnect is that it is completely compatible with all the major conveniences that you already have. The biggest problem that the system has is the ability for hackers to cause menace, but addressing concerns, the new models this year will accommodate and ensure that is no longer an issue. A way to create a “smart car”, the new technology will allow cars to do some really miraculous things.

V2X Communication

On the road to cars that drive themselves, this is the first step. An Auto Service Centre and system that allows not only cars to communicate with their infrastructure, it also allows communication between cars. That gives the driver real time updates about traffic conditions and may help to ameliorate them. The idea behind such communication is to provide the car driver with information about crashes, where they are, how to avoid them, and to reduce the risk of them. Taking much of the human error out of the equation, it will help to make cars safer to drive.


Who couldn’t use a little more privacy in today’s world? If you want to ensure that your passengers don’t see who you have been talking to, or what you have been up to, this system allows you to input personal information that will allow only a specific user to see dashboard information. Being able to talk to your smartphone, it can transport information to and from it, but make it private to the dashboard at the same time.

Limit distraction

The new designed UConnect devices limit distraction when there is something that the driver needs to pay attention to. When you are merging onto a highway or maneuvering the car in other crucial ways, it will adjust the way that information is presented to you to limit your distractibility.


One of the most innovative features of this system is that it can make a profile of you so as to predict your movements and preferences. Storing information about you, it can learn patterns, calendar regularities and other habits you have, to accommodate for them and help make things more straightforward.


Learning information about the driver, the system can make suggestions to help. Using driver’s preferences, UConnect can contribute to giving pertinent information before it is even asked for. Being able to anticipate the needs of the driver, it is a real time-saving, and distraction-saving, addition.

Heads-up display

Any time you take your eyes off of the road, it creates a distraction. The new heads-up windshield design allows information to show in front of your eyes. It can alert the driver to conditions ahead or when there is an accident or change in navigation. A really catchy feature, it keeps all eyes ahead when traveling unlike other accessories in cars.

Community tagging

Your car can tell when there are hazardous conditions, such as ice, accidents, or traffic on the road. That information can be shared with other cars to alert them of danger. The best way to communicate what is on the road, is through those traveling on the road, which is what makes this such an asset.

Follow me

Being able to communicate with other cars, the follow-me mode allows one car to follow behind another. That means never having to wait up at a stop light for someone, or worry about losing them. A really neat feature, it makes you wonder what took so long to develop it.

The new UConnect intuitive design is one of the most advanced infotainment systems in the industry. Giving car drivers the ability to sense danger, accommodate for traffic, and for cars to communicate with one another, it really is one of the hottest things rolling out this year in car design.