As a marketer, you may have come to the conclusion that some of your organization’s promotional goals are best achieved using promotional logo mats. But you’d probably have to deal with the challenge of persuading the top management to allow you to spend money on the said logo mats. In other words, this would be challenge of justifying the expenditure of money on promotional logo mats. This is where you come to learn that you can justify the expenditure of money on the logo mats on the basis of:

The longevity of the logo mats. Logo mats are amongst the promotional items which tend to last for very long, once deployed. They are unlike, say, promotional clothing (say, caps, t-shirts or bandanas) which tend to be discarded or simply forgotten after just a few weeks or months of use. If you give a promotional logo mat to a client, and the client actually proceeds to deploy it in his or her office (or home), chances are that it will lay there for very many years to come. And as long as the logo mat is there, and the logo on it is still clear, it will keep on serving your promotional objectives. Thus, you’d try to justify the expenditure of money on the promotional logo mats on the basis that the mats tend to serve the intended promotional goal for long.

The remarkable conspicuousness of the logo mats. Well-branded promotional logo mats are extremely hard to ignore. Once laid in rooms, they tend to draw the attention of the people in those rooms at various points. In other words, so long as you are well-oriented in time and space, and you are in a room where there is a promotional logo mat installed, chances are that your attention will be drawn to that logo mat at one point or another. This would be the case, even if your visit to the said room is a relatively short one.

Now so long as the people you’ll be trying to justify the expenditure of money on promotional logo mats have some appreciation of matters to do with marketing, they’d probably see the sense in this particular argument. We are, after all, aware of the fact that the most conspicuous promotional items tend to be the best ones. The objective in deploying the promotional items is usually that of ‘being noticed.’ And the best way to be noticed is through the use of something which is hard to ignore: such as a bright promotional logo mat.

The (relative) cost of the logo mats. This argument has several dimensions. You have to keep it in mind that the promotional logo mats are neither too expensive nor too cheap. They are definitely cheaper than, say, promotional billboards – and at the same time costlier than, say, promotional caps. Now the fact that promotional logo mats are not too costly means that they present a cost-effective way for an organization to achieve its promotional goals. And the fact that the promotional logo mats are not too cheap means that the people to whom they are given are actually likely to (sincerely) cherish them. They are likely to have the inclination to deploy them in various rooms, giving occasion for achievement of the intended promotional goals. The recipients are also likely to feel ‘valued’ on getting such ‘relatively costly’ promotional items: creating the sort of rapport marketers giving out promotional items always hope to achieve.

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