When it comes to filling your taxes on your own you run the risk of entering a wrong amount. Not only that but it can get confusing if your taxes are complex. Simply thinking of all the forms you need to enter can be frustrating. Plus, not paying close attention will end up causing you IRS penalties.

Take the burden off your shoulder and let TurboTax file your taxes. TurboTax guarantees 100% accuracy and will go over every detail on your return. And if for some reason TurboTax entered a wrong amount they will pay the penalty for you. Not only that they will also amend your return for free.

TurboTax stands by its promise to get you a larger refund amount or give your money back. TurboTax will search for all tax deductions and credits to get you the most money back. If you are a homeowner TurboTax will include the biggest investment for a bigger tax break.

If your taxes are audited, TurboTax will provide one-on-one guidance, answer all your questions anytime and help you understand the process.

At TurboTax your satisfaction is a priority and if you are not satisfied you’ll file for free.

Count on your tax information being secured and safeguarded TurboTax uses SSL encryption. You’ll have access to the security settings for a great filing experience m. If there is strange activity on your account TurboTax will alert you immediately. When you receive this email login to your account to verify or reject the login history. A team of dedicated security specialists at TurboTax monitors and protects your personal information. Protecting your information also falls on you. Keep your information protected by not sharing your login information with anyone.

Now get ready to file with confidence and get started for free. You’ve heard that right you don’t need to pay anything up front. All you have to do is deduct TurboTax fee from your federal tax return and have the rest deposited to your bank account.

Pick the best TurboTax solution that aligns with your current tax situation.

If you are self-employed or an independent contractor a great choice is TurboTax Self-Employed. This option includes a free subscription to Quickbooks Self-Employed. Plus, you’ll also get TurboTax and Support for assistance with your product.

Make the most out of your filing. Get tax expert help and advice when you upgrade to TurboTax Live. This feature can only be accessed from a PC or laptop and doesn’t work on TurboTax app.

If you have a Premier or Self-Employed solution you can access all your tax history on file.

TurboTax has the best software available in the market for you to file your 2017 taxes. On top of that it also earns top spot as an online prep provider.

Consider downloading TurboTax app to access your information anytime from anywhere.

TurboTax gets you a faster refund when you e-file and opt for direct deposit.

Next year file your taxes the right way and get more money back with the help of TurboTax.