Like all car repair enthusiasts, you need some tools to use in the course of your work. Self-repairs are an important aspect for you as a car user. However, having the DIY tips alone without tools is a waste of time.

In fact, the secret to successful repairs premises on having an appropriate set of instruments as I came to experience once. There are all manner of car tools with some having duplicating functions in the market.

Though almost all the instruments used in car repairs are necessary, some are a must have if you are intent on having a good ride.

car repair tools

Importance of car repair tools

A lot of importance is attached to car repair tools. Each person has his reasons why having the tools is important as we can see below;

Other tools like the OBD scan tools have their presence on modern cars underpinned in the laws of many countries globally as well.

For starters, these tools not only enable the vehicle to remain in good condition but also assist you like the car user in saving tons of money that could have been paid out to mechanics.

Additionally, some chances of having the tools with you will help cut on the time taken to repair your vehicle if it breaks down.

Driving an unroadworthy car not only exposes your life to danger but also makes you vulnerable to breaking the law, which can be the cause of a lot of legal expenses.

Lacking tools of your own means having to borrow or rent the tools when your car breaks down. The process of repair may delay as a result.

Which tools do you need to have?

There are so many tools that you may need on your toolbox depending on the type of car you own, the nature of repair that you may need to undertake from time to timeĀ  and other varied factors

Be it as it may, settling on the right tools is never a walk in the park. On that note, there is a greater chance that you may lose out on the bigger picture of which among them could be the best.

Taking time to look at some of the tools may enlighten you as to why you need them more than the others. Many have come up with different lists on some of the tools you need to have.

I went around and compiled a list of some of the tools that will be great if you want to save money on car repairs. You can look at the following;

  1. Engine testing kit– an automotive testing kit it may comprise of the brake bleeders, vacuum pump, and even a pressure testing kit. Engine operational components like the motor sensors and engine leaks that may be ideally checked with the vacuum pump.

Likewise, bleeders help in the bleeding process and allow the brakes to have new fluid.

Engine testing kit

  1. Ratchets and ratchet extenders-having ratchet with you is bound to save you a lot of time. Ratchets for use in car repairs consist of the bent handle flex ratchets and the conventional ratchets.

The general work of this tool is to enable you to loosen the bolts. Air ratchets have an additional power that can allow you just to flip out the nut if you need to.

For convenience, you may need a bent handle ratchet or the flex head ratchet which allow for ease of reach of areas which may not be reachable.

However, in places where your hand may not easily reach, the ratchet extenders prove quite handy. But the secret with the ratchets is that they need to have a plastic handle to let you hold it firmly.

  1. wrenches– wrenches for car repairs come in all manner of sizes and kinds. The pneumatic wrench, for instance, will be handy if you need enough power in the repair process. Ordinary impact wrenches, however, save the day as they are easy to use.

Some of these wrenches use more of the physical strength of the user while the battery powers ones equally provide convenience to the user.

  1. Pliers and screwdrivers– pliers, can save you a great deal if you stock the right sizes within the tool box of your automotive. Though there are pliers designed to reach tight areas, the needle nose pliers are the most commonly used.

Screwdrivers also come in different sizes and shapes for you to chose depending on the need.

  1. Stethoscopes and OBD scanners-the new driver would save a lot of time in car diagnosis by using stethoscopes and on board diagnostic scanners (OBD). Stethoscopes help in detecting sources of strange noise on the car engine and so make the repair process easier.

The stethoscopes are bought separately unlike the OBD scanners bought with some latest cars. Unlike the OBD scanners whose work major on the general engine fault diagnostics and getting to give possible solutions, the stethoscopes work on the noise.

OBD scanners may help work on the engine sound as well giving the check engine light code that suggests to you the particular area of fault.

But just like with most stethoscopes that work best when the car is being driven, with the OBD scanner which you may just need to start the engine and the detection codes run on the screen.


While personal car repair is essential, the majority of car users suffer because of lack of knowledge on which of the tools would suit them when going out as I came to learn in the period when I just bought my first car.

New car owners are the most likely victims of exorbitant fees at the mechanic’s shop. The cause of these costs is usually because of lack of appropriate tools and the excitement of owning a car.

Merely being ignorant of how to go about carrying the car repair on their own is also another cause of such pains to the pockets of most motorists at the repair shop.

You do not need to undergo such stress with the tips on the essential automotive tools to save money on cars that I have compiled from experience, look at it to help you buy yours.